Builderall Review – The Best Alternative To ClickFunnels [Or Maybe Better!]

Builderall is by far the best and most complete web marketing and implementation tool you can use for your business. Thanks to Builderall you can realize anything for your online business.

You can create your website or blog, the videos, you can implement with funnels that only need to be customized and implemented according to your strategy, you can control your email marketing campaigns and much more.

This Builderall Review will help you to choose if it is the right tool for you.

An indispensable tool for those who want to start selling products and services online and want to grow quickly with their business.

Builderall allows you to put marketing strategies into practice quickly and easily by incorporating all the tools needed to implement them in a single Website application.

In addition, thanks to the exclusive affiliation system not only allows you to create anything but also to get to earn important figures and even create a fixed and recurring income by promoting this tool to others.

You can earn money not only from the people you sign up but also from the sales of those you sign up as affiliates.

I will tell you about my experience and what I have learned using this extraordinary tool. I will talk about both the advantages and disadvantages of using Builderall.

Let’s now look into this Builderall Review.



builderall review




Is Builderall The Definitive Online Marketing Too? [Builderall Review]


I highly recommend Builderall for those who start working with web and digital marketing, it is a great tool that allows you to easily create from the most useful Landing Page for your strategy to a real complete website.

Continue to read this Builderall Review to find out what Builderall can offer you.

You can then integrate different tools for newsletter and email marketing, to create personalized funnel and experiment with marketing strategies using useful development and marketing tools.

The low cost of Builderall allows you to get started quickly without wasting too much time learning how to use the features due to its practicality and easy understanding of use.

Is much more complete and cost-effective from my point of view then ClickFunnel, you can get started pretty much with the basic membership and it will save you lots of money.

One thing to note is that if you are looking for perfection in creating a website or a marketing strategy and taking care of it in detail then I suggest you to buy separate solutions and therefore with a higher cost.

In fact, some of its extensions lack some features that you can find on other tools dedicated to digital features individually.

If you are starting to create your own website or e-commerce site for your business in a serious way I recommend you to buy a domain on Siteground and install WordPress. WordPress unlike Builderall, which is an all-in-one platform, can be expanded by integrating designed external tools to solve your digital business needs.

For example, if you want to create email marketing strategies and take care of all the aspects in a nice and complete way, such as automations, follow-up, funnel, autoresponder then you can think about adopting the above mentioned WordPress solution and install a professional autoresponder like Clickfunnel, Getresponse or Activecampaign.

To make you understand better, these features are already integrated in Builderall but if purchased separately they give you that extra expertise that allows you to take care of those limited details and aspects on Builderall, but at a much higher cost

If you compare GetResponse for example (which i am currently using!), Builderall has Mailingboos integrated for email marketing, but GetResponse is much more a complete tool

This to clarify that if you are a beginner and maybe your online income is still little, Builderall is the Better option, but if you start to scale up and get more serious than maybe buy other Tools like clickfunnels and GetResponse will be a better choice.

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Professional and fast websites

Beautiful functional Landing pages

Pre-set and highly effective funnel for sale

Reserved areas for your customers

Blog creation for your site

Custom Checkout Pages also for recurring payments

Customized affiliation systems for your business

Pop-up to increase the conversion rate to your targets

Digital timers to increase the conversion rate due to scarcity

Loading pages in less than a second

Ability to optimize SEO for your pages

SSL Certificate to secure your website

Effective system for email marketing and management of your lists

Maximum speed in every country thanks to Builderall CDNs

Daily backup to never lose your data and those of your customers

Safe against any external DDOS attack

Integrated CMR for the best management of your customers

SMS for messaging marketing

Smart ChatBot to create guided tours for your customers

Ability to install WordPress on the server in just 3 clicks

Build digital magazines and effectively distribute your content

Build interactive webinars and sell products and courses at high cost

Advanced tool for streaming on Facebook and Youtube

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builderall features



Below is a list of Builderall’s best features to help you understand the true potential you can exploit using this mega web marketing tool. Before moving on to the tutorial video in Italian and the affiliations here’s what we’ve said.


In addition to the myriad of ready-made templates to use to create your web pages in just a few clicks, the drag and drop system allows you to easily drag and drop Builderall elements to customize on the pages so you can easily create your pages from scratch.


With Builderall you can create any type of website and also link a Blog to show off your articles. Your creations will be completely responsive and therefore viewable with any device.


Builderall has a built-in email marketing tool inside, all you have to do is configure it. You will have at your disposal many advanced tools such as auto-responders and triggers to manage the behavior of your leads and increase conversions. You can manage contact lists for up to 10,000 users.


You can make an unlimited number of animated videos to use in your presentations or to share on social networks or Youtube. Videos are a key element to capture the attention of your customers, so I suggest you specialize in reporting topics using videos. Thanks to Builderall you can make all the videos you want for your customers with the tool integrated in the platform.



builderall features 2




An exclusive Builderall feature that allows you to insert your videos into your web pages in a unique way. I don’t know if you have ever seen those animations that at the entrance of a website guide you through the features by providing a tutorial of the site, with the floating video function you can realize this exclusive feature.


Thanks to this tool you can create graphic creations of covers for your ebooks or mockups of your products or infoproducts.


A useful tool to create and enrich your projects with extraordinary presentations that will surely increase the conversion rate of your goals and increase your Brand authority.


Manage for each page the seo on page (Search Engine Optimization) or those strategies that allow you to give indications on your pages to search engines and climb the positions in search keywords. The Seo on page report integrates the SEO tools of SEMruch or SEOzoom.


You have the ability to integrate any app or Facebook pixel into your web project in an extremely intuitive and easy way, extending functionality and linking your social pages.

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builderall features 4




Thanks to this function you can ask your visitors if they want to activate browser notifications for your website. In this way you can send real-time notifications while the user is browsing push notifications to update your followers with news and updates about your products and services.


Thanks to Builderall you will have hundreds of tools to increase the conversion of your contacts and manage them. You can store contacts from Facebook, Email, Smart opt-in and much more.


With this feature you can view and analyze which parts of your website your users click the most and which areas tend to pass through the most. In this way you can strategically optimize your conversion buttons, forms and call to action.


The chat bot is a great tool that if well configured will help you create automated paths for your customers through the chat interface that will automatically detect your customers’ intentions and redirect them to the pages and sections of your site that contain the information they need.


You have the fantastic opportunity to install WordPress on Builderall in a few simple steps.


Builderall is an indispensable tool for the growth and development of your online business. One of its peculiarities that makes it the absolute best is speed. Thanks to its structure you will be able to create websites and pages that load at the speed of light (or we are just about to!).

Thanks to this, search engines such as Google, which make speed a fundamental element for indexing, will certainly favor your content that will reach the highest positions on the engines.

You can test Builderall’s speed by analyzing the website on Pingdom.

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builderall speed






The strength of Builderall is its cost, in fact, it offers several plans that allow you to start even with low budgets starting even from the free plan, which is impossible if you choose to buy the tools separately that would undoubtedly require a greater outlay of money.

I recommend Builderall for those who start from scratch with a limited budget, for example, those who start with a few hundred dollars per month Builderall is perfect because it offers all the essential features in a single tool.

Obviously each plan has its own characteristics and limitations, in the free plan you will not be able to access all the features but you will need to access the next plan and so on up to the top floor.

However, the ability to scale allows you to start from scratch to build your business step by step starting with the BUILDER plan until you reach the PREMIUM plan according to the needs of your business.


builderall pricing



Here are the Builderall plans:

Free Plan
Builder $19.90
Marketer $29.90
Essential $49.90
Premium $69.90

I advise you to choose your plan according to the size of your project, if you are really new to digital marketing then choose an intermediate plan, for example the BUILDER plan, also based on the characteristics you need to put your strategy into practice.

The Marketer Plan is very good to start with, because you have 5k subscribers on email list (way more than enough that what will you be able to build on early stages!), and all the features needed for online selling and affiliate marketing.

Is very important to note that the only plan where you can Plug WordPress in it is the Premium Plan. (this is useful if you have already a website and want to use some pages without starting a new website).

If, on the other hand, you have an ambitious and well defined project and you have experience, then I suggest you start with the turbo and use all the features of Builderall right away by choosing the PREMIUM.

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Builderall, in addition to its extraordinary digital development features, offers a very valid affiliation system that allows you to earn money by having other users sign up. If you are looking for an affiliate program to round out your income, or even create a recurring cash income, Builderall is one of the best affiliate program.

The Builderall Team has always invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to create one of the best affiliate program in online marketing and is structure let you can create a real Business with recurring and secure income.


You can:

Promote Builderall through digital marketing strategies.

Build your Builderall affiliate network and earn from their sales

Realize a real Business that allows you to generate recurring money income

Earn unattainable amounts of money with any other affiliation system

The Builderall affiliate network can become a real Business to increase your monthly income thanks to its very valid remuneration system.

If you are only here to register as a Builderall affiliate then please visit this page.



Builderall has a unique affiliation program. It is developed on 2 levels, it allows you to earn money on the direct sales generated and the sales that will generate those you sign up for the affiliate under you.

Builderall is a giant marketing tool and has all kinds of features necessary for any type of business, this allows you to offer Builderall to any entrepreneur, professional or seller who sells products and services on the web.

Its power is precisely the breadth of the market that Builderall allows you to reach. I assure you that it is a really useful tool for anyone.

Builderall has already paid millions of dollars to its affiliates and this makes it a safe and tested solution to create a weekly or monthly earnings system.

If you’re looking for an alternative earning system and you’re really motivated to create a business with recurring and monthly revenues you can certainly take advantage of the potential of this online tool.



I Hope this review was enough for you to decide whatever if Builderall is something that you might need.

To wrap it up i can say that i have both used Clickfunnels and Builderall for quite sometime now, and to be honest i have worked well with both. I will move to Builderall as the only tool that i use sometime soon, because will be easier to keep everything under one complete tool. I think this is the best and most cost-effective tool for online business and marketing you can find right now, his “Marketer Plan” cannot be compared and beaten by the competition for number of tools, quality and price!

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