Commission Hero Review – Affiliate Marketing Mastered [2020]


Robby Blanchard launched Commission Hero with perfect timing. With the recent increase in interest in “working from home,” following the pandemic, Commission Hero is a simple to learn system. This Commission Hero Review will help you out to understand if this is the right program for you.

Commission Hero is not one of those get rich schemes where “self-proclaimed gurus” promote “opportunities” that involve just a push of a button and promise instant riches.

There is not, and never has been, a push-button way of making money that produces wealth without work. Commission Hero is a system that is easy to learn and not technical. It is perfect for newcomers to affiliate marketing.

Unlike other systems, Commission Hero is created and backed by an expert with a proven track record, Robby Blanchard. Robby, who is making $1 million in sales each month and is officially the No1 affiliate on the leading affiliate company in the world.


Commission Hero Review PART 1 – Introduction


Commission Hero Review – Affiliate Marketing

I want to make sure that I am writing in a way that all you newcomers who may be reading this can benefit from the review. So I am just going to take a moment to explain the term “affiliate marketing.”

Affiliate marketing is at its simplest level, “Selling somebody else’s product for a commission.” With digital products, the commission may well be between 50% and 75%.

Commission Hero is one of the simplest affiliates marketing systems for newcomers to understand, and best of all, it is a system that is proven to work.

In the past, “experts” have always said that you needed large lists of email addresses, but Commission Hero has proved that it is no longer true. Sure email lists are still helpful, but with Commission Hero, you do not have to worry about them.



Commission Hero Review – What is Good About Affiliate Marketing?


Low-Cost Opportunity

Affiliate Marketing is a low-cost business compared to some other types. It is not free but certainly the cheapest method of trading. I have used affiliate marketing as an income for many years, and Commission Hero is a very welcome development.


Simple to Start

The second good thing about affiliate marketing is that it is not difficult to learn the basics and start to trade. With Commission Hero, it is possible to follow the guidance provided, and you will surely succeed.


Commission Hero Review – What is Bad About Affiliate Marketing?



One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing is that some product areas can be very competitive as the barriers to entry are set so low (anyone can do it).


Fake Gurus

Because so many newbies start in affiliate marketing, there are always people there who want to exploit these newcomers by offering software and courses that have no foundation or proof they work.


Turning Negatives into Positives

The last two negative aspects of affiliate marketing are not a problem for students at Commission Hero. At Commission Hero, the system works with a wide variety of products. It is not restricted to one or two products, as are some of these scams.

So while the others all struggle to compete in limited product areas, a Commission Hero student can fish in waters that are far less crowded.

A student at Commission Hero can be certain that the methods he/she is learning work. These are the same systems that Robby Blanchard uses to sell $1 million a month and win competitions that make him the Official No 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

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commission hero review


Commission Hero Review – Is This a Scam?

As we conclude the introduction to this review, I just wanted to deal with the question of whether Commission Hero is a scam. This term is thrown around liberally with all new courses. I want to be clear about this; Commission Hero is NOT a scam.

If we look at the term carefully, we can see two ways for a course to be a scam, one of two scenarios has to exist:

  1. The seller takes the money and then fails to deliver the goods.
  2. Training is given, but it does not match what customers believed they were buying.

You will see from the outlines of the course provided in this article, that a substantial amount of quality training is provided with Commission Hero. You are also buying the training from Robby Blanchard, one of the most respected names in the industry.

When you sign-up for Commission Hero, you get immediate and complete access to the system that incorporates the blueprint of how Robby Blanchard has achieved success. It teaches the method that Robby uses himself to dominate Clickbank, the world’s largest affiliate platform.

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commission hero review



Commission Hero Review PART 2 – THREE STEP SYSTEM


The Commission Hero 3-Step System

The three-step system is the central pillar of the Commission Hero training program.


  1. Find an Offer

The initial step to true success with the Commission Hero system is to find an offer, typically on Clickbank. However, it can work with offers found elsewhere. In training, Robby looks at several affiliate networks like Clickbank. He teaches how to judge whether that offer will convert well or not. He looks at both the time-sensitive niches and the successful longer-term niches.


  1. Create a Landing Page

The second of the three steps is to create a landing page. This step is the page where customers are directed to when they respond to Facebook Ads. In training, Robby shows you how to create landing pages that will generate 7 figure incomes.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, let Robby guide you using his vast experience. The training recommends “Clickfunnels” But it can utilize other systems like “Builderall”, which are attractive to the more budget-conscious, ad preferred by some users.

This section also covers how to select images that aid conversion.


  1. Run Facebook Ads

The third, and final, step covers running Facebook Ads. Without proper training, it is possible to waste a lot of money on Facebook Ads. Robby explains how there is so much more to using Facebook ads than the targeting.

The training will teach you how to select the best image for the advert. This decision is a very important part of creating the ad. Once the image is selected, then the other important part is writing the copy. Robby gives great advice and will help you produce effective ads that will work better than you could have hoped.

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commission hero



Working the System

Once you have learned these three steps and completed the training, you are then in a position to try the system. Oddly enough, many people just never get started. They complete the course, and then maybe it’s a courage thing.

They never leap and try it. Operating the system and carrying out those three steps will take you longer at first (like everything else). Once you have done it a few times, then it would not be stretching it to say it can be done in 30 minutes.


Things Change

The Internet is a fast-moving and fluid world where what worked once may no longer work today. While there are some other well-known faces offering courses, You do not see them ranking in the leaderboards of Clickbank these days.

I sometimes wonder if these familiar faces are living off past successes and if the systems they introduced work anymore. Robby Blanchard is Officially No1 Affiliate and is ranking today; we know that his methods are still current. These are the methods that you will learn in Commission Hero!

Robby reached this dominant position in just three years. That is the power of this system.


Keep it Simple!

Learning those three steps, the way that they teach in the course is all there is to this system. Until recently, the “Self Proclaimed Affiliate Marketing Experts” claimed that:

  1. You had to have a massive email list
  2. A Blog was essential
  3. You needed to have a following
  4. You needed to be a professional copywriter


Robby Blanchard has proved that you can achieve success without having all of that, just by focusing on these three essential steps.

By spending time on all of these extra activities, you are taking time away from carrying out these core tasks. The tasks that make you the money. Focus on these three steps, and you can develop a work routine that is productive and allows time to run more campaigns simultaneously.

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success stories



It’s Fast Acting

If you look at the videos sent in by some successful users, the one noticeable thing is they all had only recently joined the program. Within days or weeks, they were achieving amazing results that some people who never take training will never reach, despite trying for years.


These students acted and signed up for Commission Hero and look what they have achieved.


Jorgen  (a student for six weeks)

On June 16th, he earned over $10,000, and the same week he made over $30,000 with an ROI of 40%. He says that on that basis, he made over $3,000 profit.


Giordana  (a student for six weeks)

She is celebrating making her first $230 day. She came into the course knowing very little about FaceBook Ads Can you imagine having an extra $230 a day coming in?


Carly  (a student for six weeks)

This week she started posting her first set of ads, and from day one, they began to earn money. She regularly has three-figure days, and she believes she is on her way to $1,000 a day


Patrick  (a student for four weeks)

He showed us a screenshot of his Clickbank stats, and for the last couple of weeks, he has been earning between $1,376 to $5,196 a day!


Noel  (a student for about three weeks)

Last week she started her first campaign. She started the first day with $179,87, and the figure has been growing until she is now selling $1,480 a day.


Jeff  (a student for two months)

Jeff is just celebrating his first $10,000 week after having failed many times at affiliate marketing in the past.

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success stories



Commission Hero Review PART 3 – The Training Package & An Inside Look


Robby Blanchard is a huge force in affiliate marketing, but he is quite new to the business. Originally he trained in Physical Education and got an MBA and then opened a gym called CrossFit. His company was struggling until he found Facebook Ads, which he used to turn around the fortunes of his gym.

After taking a Mastermind Course on how to launch an online business (This was his introduction to Clickbank), he hoped to make millions with email lists. Like so many before him, it did not work as planned. So he switched to using the Facebook Ads that he had grown to know, and he began promoting other people’s Clickbank products.

This switch is where it all started happening.

His figures just kept growing, and now he is officially the top affiliate on Clickbank. He later put all his experience and everything he had learned into a simple to use course, Commission Hero.


The Complete Training Package

Let’s have a look at what you get with this course.


The Complete System

You get five training videos that provide all the information you need to start earning in affiliate marketing. You are taught the same methods that Robby uses himself. It’s a fast-acting course that will get you making money as soon as possible.


Commission Hero Coaching Group

You get something quite important, lifetime access to the Facebook Group, which is your source of 24/7 help. It is an active group where you will often find Robby answering questions.


A Set of DFY Landing Pages

You get a set of landing pages created by Robby, the same ones that made him his millions. No need to reinvent the wheel or spend weeks struggling. You get a set of the best pages right there to use.


30 Ad Images That Make Millions

Yo get the images that are proven winners, so you save all the trouble of finding your images and experimenting


Facebook Training System

You are also going to receive additional training information on the strategies that Robby uses on Facebook.


The great thing about this training system is that it does not overload you with unnecessary fluff. It contains the core information you need to succeed. Other courses advertise huge amounts of material, mostly secondhand that they include to pad out the package, wasting your time and slowing down your progress. This course is 100% relevant, quality material.

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members area




Inside The Members Area

So, now we know what we get with the package, it is time we took a look inside. Once you get inside the Commission Hero training area, you will immediately appreciate how simple and easy to navigate the layout is. Whatever your technological experience, you will have no difficulties using it.


Inside the Commission Hero Members Area First Impressions

I loved the look and feel of the member’s area. It was plain and classy. It had a top bar that led to all the main functions and the course material listed in the sidebar-a good clean, functional user interface.


Module 1 – Getting Started

This module is where the journey begins. Take your time watching the video (I suggest a couple of times), so you take it all in. There is a motivational checklist in this module which you should download and use to plan your actions.


  1. Getting Started

Learn the basics of affiliate marketing, all the essential skills covering ad accounts, Clickfunnels, Clickbank, and Maxweb. There is just so much information in this section.


  1. Start Here – Welcome
  2. Affiliate Marketing Explained
  3. Understanding Ad Accounts
  4. Clickfunnels
  5. Clickbank
  6. Max Web


  1. Choosing The Right Offers

This section you want to concentrate particularly hard on. The information gets very specific about how to select the Optimum offers. When it comes down to it, if you choose the wrong offers, you are immediately off track. To get MAXIMUM profits, you should spend some time in this section. Look at it at least twice.


  1. Finding Your Ad Image

The psychology behind choosing an image, Do not underestimate how important that image is. Don’t put any old image there if you want to maximize profits. What should the image portray and the option of finding a designer on the Fiverr platform?


  1. Setting Up A Landing Page

We move onto the landing pages. Getting these right from the start is crucial. You will also learn how to register for Clickfunnels and set up affiliate links. Getting a domain, set up the PHP landing page.

Note: Clickfunnels is another investment you need to count (around 90$ month) ad you may not feel able to afford to work with them. Don’t worry; you can use a multitude of different options.

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Module 2 – Facebook Ads Account Set Up

Learn all about how to set up Facebook for business and your Facebook Fan Page.


Setting up Facebook Ads

  1. Launching Your First Campaign
  2. Setting Up Your Fan Page
  3. Setting Up Facebook Campaign and Ad-sets
  4. Setting Up Your Ads
  5. Creating A Custom Audience
  6. PLUS Inside Look At A Successful Campaign


Setting Up Facebook Pixel

  1. How To Install Your FB Pixel
  2. Placing Your FB Pixel In Your Clickbank Account
  3. Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

Rember how important Facebook is to this system. 100% of your customers will be coming through Facebook. Spend as much time as you can in this section.


Module 3 – Tracking & Scaling

You need to understand your business and tracking your campaigns, which includes the use of spreadsheets. You will learn how to set up tracking links. From all this data, you will be able to see when they really begin to convert, and you can then scale the campaign.

Tracking comes first, and it is the tracking that alerts you that it is time to scale a campaign.


Module 4 – Resources & Tools

Life can become so much easier when you have access to the correct tools. In this section, you get various tools and resources. The part also looks and your mindset, which is something many people do not take into consideration when launching a business. However, the wrong mentality can be disastrous.


Module 5 – Additional Training

Have you ever heard of Snapchat Ads? I hadn’t. This section is all extra training resources in including how to use Snapchat ads. The subject of email training is also covered and is a useful little bonus.

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Commission Hero Review – Conclusion


It’s funny really, as someone who has been in affiliate marketing for many more years than Robby Blanchard I found myself learning a lot from Robby’s methods. Over the last few years, we have all been encouraged to complicate what was once a simple process, and Robby has taken us back to where we once were while adding some tricks of his own.

Even the training has been stripped to the bone, with Robby concentrating on the core of activities that make the difference. The parts that bring in results.

By focusing on these essentials, Robby has made the learning process much faster, and his students can be out there earning commissions very quickly.

Robby teaches in a laid back way exactly how we can earn thousands of dollars every day. The secret of succeeding with Robby’s method is to follow his process and do it the way he says.

I have been guilty in the past of taking shortcuts and thinking I was clever by modifying a technique I was learning. With Commission Hero, it is important to follow the plan, and there is no reason why you should not succeed with this proven method.


Can you make money with Commission Hero?

Many people have followed the plan and done things as the training said, and made a lot of money. However, it is important to remember that this system requires you to invest in Facebook Ads to get your traffic. That can work out very expensive. Some people have been known to reach a stage where they can not afford the ads anymore.

Of course, the idea is that when you pay for the adverts, you will sell far more than the ads cost you. If you have studied carefully and done things correctly, you will probably join the many success stories. I have a gut feeling that those people that do not get early success are the ones that have taken short cuts.


In my Opinion

I would say that I believe there is more chance of the average person succeeding with Commission Hero than with any other system that is currently being promoted. Robby Blanchard is the real deal and has proven that he knows what he is doing and that the system works.

If you can afford the investment, then I would urge you to sign up for Commission Hero today. If you wait, you will only kick yourself later when you realize how much profit you have missed.

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